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Adaptors & Fittings
Charging Solutions
Cables & Plugs
Lighting Solutions
Monitor Power Solutions
Power Solutions
If you need to run high powered stand-alone broadcast lighting or Sound Equipment, we have a number of solutions available for you that are suited for todays Broadcast Standards.

Sound Recordist

NP1 Solutions
We offer a wide range of NP1 Powering solutions. These include;
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Mini DV Solutions
Our range of Mini DV stand alone power adaptors are a great alternative to using NP1 products. This range of adaptors and chargers use the popular Sony NP-F series, or our own DV-F series.

Radio Mic Holders
We can supply a range of , and . These are available as a standard fitting or for the V-Lok System.

Cables and Plugs
We manufacture a series of and can provide sound recordists with both Cables and plugs.

Lighting Operator

Battery boxes
Our cover all the high-powered demands required by professional lighting. There are a range of power output variations available.

Mini DV Power Adaptors
This portable utilises the popular NP-F type battery. Up to 50Watts of power output is available in this form.