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Mini V-Lok 150Wh 14.4v Li-Ion Battery ...

Hawk-Woods 150Wh mini V-lok battery is the first to be added to the mini VL range. 

The mini battery system offers all the features of the standard size V-Lok battery in what is to date the smallest V-Lok case. The perfect solution if you want long run times, but want to save on weight and space! The battery is that small, it will fit into the palm of your hand.  

When used in conjunction with VL-MCF1, these batteries can be treated similar to a stack system, however without carrying dead weight, Mini VL can be switched and rotated for continuous power, whilst combining the wattage of 2 batteries. 

These batteries will work on all existing fittings and chargers. Within the 100Wh - 160Wh bracket, this battery is flight safe for carry-on luggage and a maximum of two can be carried giving 300wh of travelling power. 
  • 150Wh
  • 10A Draw (Max)
  • LED voltage indicator
  • Power-Con Output
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Size (HxWxD-Cm):
10.3 x 7 x 6.3 cm
Lithium-Ion Content:
Operating Temperature:
Output Types:
1x Power-con
Discharge / Voltage / Short Circuit / Thermal
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"They are unbelievably small, light and last for hours"
Also spent a LOT of time geeking out on batteries, and talking to anyone who would listen about them, but after we lost a bunch on location recently we revisited our setup. So, Hawk-Woods hooked us up with their new mini V-lock, apparently the smallest in the world. They are unbelievably small, light and last for hours, and paired with the atomos inferno plate, make long shoots significantly easier. Total dream to work with the past couple of days, and genuinely couldnt recommend them more. Also, amazed at how excited we are at batteries, because lets face it, that sounds weird, totally geeky, but without them we are sort of screwed on location. And these ones are life changing, so there you go.
Marcus Sweeney-Bird
"Clean and fast and hot swaps are a breeze"
Pics attached of our Russian arm and Camera systems along with the awesome HawkWoods. Since we have these batts we no longer have to carry vclx batts in the back hatch for hot swapping so it gives the person in the back more room for Camera bags now. Also Camera on set with no more power cables to big batts on the ground. Clean and fast and hot swaps are a breeze. RVRD runs off of HawkWoods for everything but Drone :)
Darek Heidt
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