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MacBook Dual V-Lok Battery Adaptor (19.5v)...

The Hawk-Woods range of Apple Mac battery adapters allows broadcast production personnel to run their Mac laptops from the batteries already being used out in the field. They are ideal for using in remote locations, or if you going to be away from a mains supply for a prolonged period of time; which is often the case in this industry. The large capacity of most broadcast camera batteries provide a huge amount of portable power. With this new series of adapters, this power is now accessible for your Mac.

All adapters ship with an MagSafe plug to XLR cable. The combined voltage of any inserted batteries is stepped-down to 19.5V. This will solely run the laptop once the adapter is applied. Users of the MacBook Air will find that the adapters first charge the internal battery, before switching to solely run the device.

The VL-MAC2 is a Mac V-Lok battery adapter, but will work with all V-mount type batteries. These batteries power in series, so two must be inserted for the adapter to operate. We recommend using two batteries of equal charge, as the run-time provided will be as good as the worst battery.

Will be supplied with MAGSAFE 2 cable, please request if you require MAGSAFE 1
  • Mag Safe cable supplied
  • XLR 4 output (Non-Standard wiring details)
  • Carry Handle
  • Ali base
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Size (HxWxD-Cm):
15 x 9.5 x 8 cm
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